The golden couple . . . Liza and Jason Greene had the perfect life. She was talented and beautiful, willing to give up her blossoming career as an actress to raise their children and keep their home. He was an ambitious, driven entrepreneur with the special knack for winning. Everything they touched was charmed — except their marriage.

Because with each step up the ladder of success, they grew further apart. And when Jason’s thirst for glory led him to infidelity, Liza struck back the only way possible…but somehow still longed for the love they once shared.

Through betrayal, deception and tragedy, this is a powerful and compelling story of a modern marriage by the author of THE LADIES OF BEVERLY HILLS!


“Sharleen Cooper Cohen
is back on the turf she
knows so well, but
beneath the glamorous
facade you can see the
beating of the human heart.”

~ Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey


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